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Code of Ethics

We offer an alternative to attend in an institutional and objective way the recommendations, questions, concerns and / or any other report of unethical actions related and / or carried out in the workplace that may conflict with the Company´s values, Code of Ethics or the Law.

It is very important that your comments are clear, objective and honest describing the causes of the complaint since it might affect third parties.

Remember that your complaint can be anonymous or personalized. You will now select the mechanism by which you want to send the complaint:

  • Through E-Mail You can report any situation that you think you do not meet the standards of ethics, transparency and honesty established by our company. It is important that you express your opinions as much information and detail as possible, in order to make a proper investigation and follow-up of the facts. All comments received through the "E-mail" or "mail Transparency" will be discussed confidentially by Corporate Internal Audit.

  • The mailbox transparency is an efficient mechanism to monitor compliance to policies, procedures and ethical obligations.

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