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What is Mty 100 ?

It is a diagnosis that allows to know Wage quantitatively :

  • The competitiveness of your company vs. the relevant market.
  • Risk valuation loss of qualified personnel not being adequately compensated .
  • The strengths and areas of opportunity for your compensation model .

Market Segmentation

The overall market comparative groups companies by the value of its annual sales (US $ million ) and number of employees


its classified into 3 groups: Small, Medium and Large.

Industry Branch

Some industrial segments are consolidated

Types of Studies

Monterrey 100 offers two types of studies

  • The General Market contains all existing companies and updated in the system match information People. (Request a quote)
  • The Select Market will consist of 10 existing enterprises and updated in the system match information People. The company makes selecting your market. (Request a quote)

Contenido del Estudio

I. Objective
II. Methodology
III. Target Market
IV. Human Resource Indicators ( turnover, absenteeism , overtime)
V. Reviews and Market Growth Expectations
VI. Features and Benefits
VII. Regional Competitiveness
VIII. Wage competitiveness  
IX. Cost of labor  
X. General Jobs Report
XI. Individual reports Jobs  
XII. Recruitment Salary Report
XIII. Topics of Interest
XIV. Recommendationss  
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